The year is 3024. The time for annual Bandideshi air pirates Boat Racing is knocking at the door. So pirate gangs are preparing for the race. From a tiny gang to the big gun in the scene, everybody is preparing their boats and gathering their crew. Here are some of them.

Story behind APBD universe

I was visiting the national museum of Bangladesh in 2018 for the first time. While I was in the boat section of the museum I was amazed by seeing the models of boats from Bangladesh kept their! They were in different shapes and with descriptions of why they were used or still in use, how much weigh they can carry, from which region of Bangladesh they are from or their purpose. I was moved by seeing the variety. Being fan of the "Pirates of the caribbean" movies ideas were coming in my head and one of those ideas was, what if there is a pirate universe! How about different pirate gangs from different region of Bangladesh? And the idea was sleeping in my head rent free since then. Finally I started working on this story in 2021. I already became a "Star Wars" fan then. So I went with Sci-fi with my pirate stories. In this world they fly in a post apocalyptic Bangladesh with their flying boats! Wild right? Haha. So I started designing the boats one by one and did some character designs, props designs, environment ideas with my minimal environment art skill. And I named the future location 'Bandidesh' to make it sounds like something fictional!  Here are some of the stuffs I developed so far.

Boats of APBD Universe

Characters of APBD Universe

I'm still figuring out the story and this is an under-construction project. More characters, boat and environmental designs on the way. I'll update this page once I've developed something for this universe.

Props and Stuffs